May 2021

🔴 Proposal to remove the passport for travel between Iran and Turkey

✅ Travel of Iranian and Turkish tourists without passports was discussed in the joint technical committee of Iran-Turkey tourism cooperation. This proposal of Turkey is to be followed by the tourism sector of the two countries.✅According to the available documents, the governments of Iran and Turkey canceled the visas for their citizens to enter each other's lands by signing a contract in late...

All people who are looking to migrate through investment.

Doctors who are looking for a place to live a calm and healthy life.Engineers looking for a place for career advancement and global work experience.Lawyers who seek to capture major global projects.Top managers who want to connect globally with international management structures.Capitalists seeking profitable investment outside of their country.Entrepreneurs looking to develop their business outside of...

Phone Number “157”

🔴 Phone 157 📞✅ Contact number 157 is available 24 hours a day to obtain the required information about accommodation, investment and the occurrence of possible risks for foreigners.✅ Calling this number is completely free.. Operators are available in several languages and in Persian.🔺 In case of calling from outside Turkey, they are responsible for the following number.+90 (312) 157 11...

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