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What services do we have in the field of immigration?

Below is a list of some of our immigration services in Turkey.

Obtaining visa

Obtaining visa

If you want to live in Turkey, leave the visa application process to us.We are by your side in all stages of obtaining residency.

Working stay

Working stay

Would you like to work in Turkey? Excellent
Just get in touch with our partners to offer you the best job opportunities suitable for your abilities.

Obtaining citizenship

Our specialty is obtaining Turkish citizenship for you
Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and enjoy our discounts on Turkish citizenship.

Tourist services

Tourist services

Our tourist visa services have given our clients enough confidence in us to obtain a variety of other visas.


We are always by your side

About this Service

Staying in Turkey 2021 is a topic that many of you may have questions about. Questions such as residence conditions, ways to get accommodation, accommodation costs, what are the benefits of living in Turkey? And questions like these, all of which are answered comprehensively in this article from Istanbul.

Note that you can get help from Istanbul Advisors for immigration to Turkey, residence, citizenship, property purchase and any other issues related to Turkey.

Work, you can get temporary residence in Turkey. All of these cases will be covered later in the article.

Temporary residence in Turkey is one year and must be renewed every year, and after 5 years you can get permanent residence in Turkey.

What does citizenship or citizenship mean in Turkey?

In the case of citizenship, you are officially a Turkish citizen and enjoy the benefits of citizenship. And it has advantages and of course problems, including:

You will have the right to vote.

You do not need a license to work.

Your salary and retirement benefits will be included.

You will be issued a birth certificate, passport and national card.

You can get a permanent SIM card in your own name and enjoy many bank benefits.

If you are to be considered a Turkish citizen, you must speak Turkish.

Men between the ages of 21 and 38 must also have completed military service in Turkey if they have not completed military service in their home country.

Benefits of Immigrating to Turkey

Proximity of Iranian and Turkish culture

Being among European countries

Proximity to Iran in terms of distance

Iranians do not need a visa to enter Turkey.

Being among European countries

Very good weather

The cost of living is slightly lower than in Iran.

Note that despite being European, Turkey is not yet an official and accepted member of the European Union.

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