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Obtaining a student visa

Obtaining a student visa

We do our best to complete the student visa application process for you as soon as possible.

Admission to the   best universities in Turkey

Admission to the best universities in Turkey

By trusting you in us at all stages, we will do our best to select the best universities for your admission according to your capabilities.

  Doing all university registration

Doing all university registration

We will take care of all your academic affairs from zero to one hundred and will also help you to continue your studies.

Our services Contain:

We will receive a Letter of acceptance from your university 

We will meet u at the airport 

Drive you to the City of your University 

Help with choosing dormitory

Help with registration to Turkish/English learning language center 

Help with getting  residence permit and health insurance

We are in touch with u, 24/7 feedback

Why choose Turkey to continue your education? Studying in Turkish universities is one of the most popular ways to immigrate to Turkey. Because it costs less than other methods such as buying property. In addition, you may find work directly after your studies and convert your student visa into a work visa. In the following, together with Istanbul, we will examine the issue of studying in Turkey.


Turkish education system

Overview of the Turkish education system

There are more than 200 universities in Turkey, most of which are public. Most of these institutions are newly established. Antalya International University (AIU) is the newly established university in Turkey.


Public and private universities in Turkey follow the Bologna Agreement. These universities have standardized their courses in accordance with Europe. Most Turkish universities have participated in the Erasmus Plus program. This program supports international student exchanges. In the latest changes to the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings (QS), Turkey’s higher education system is ranked 43rd in the world.


Study conditions in Turkey

Candidates who score higher on the US and Set exams will enter four-year BA or Bachelor’s Degree courses. But people who get lower grades enter 2-year courses or AA or Associate’s Degree.


At the end of the four-year undergraduate course, the student can apply for postgraduate courses. This course lasts approximately 2 years and includes thesis and non-thesis courses, ie thesis and non-thesis.


For Turkish and international students to enter Turkish universities, there are exams in which the applicant’s language level will be assessed.


Conditions for sending a student to Turkey

To send a student to Turkey, after preparing all the documents and articles requested by the university, you can send your application. Also, if you have an entrance exam or an interview at the university in question, you must travel to Turkey to take them. After that you just have to wait for the result. If you are applying for a bachelor’s degree, you will receive the result around the middle of August. If you are applying for a master’s or doctoral degree, you will be accepted in mid-September. After receiving the letter of acceptance, you must proceed to the next steps; Such as paying tuition or applying for a student visa at the nearest Turkish embassy or consulate.


Note: Even if you apply online, you may have to send your documents by mail before the deadline set by the university.


Introducing the best universities in Turkey

Belkint University

Eastern Technical University

Istanbul Technical University

Istanbul University

Sabanci University

Bogzici University

University of Kush

Atlim University

Ranking of Turkish universities at the international level

International degrees of Turkish universities

The international degree of Turkish universities is valid in many European countries and the world. However, the value of a degree varies from university to university. It is best for applicants to read the diploma regulations before entering.


Admission requirements from Turkish universities

Admission application form from a university in Turkey

Submitting a diploma and pre-university degree for admission to study in Turkey

Provide transcripts of high school and diploma and university profession

Provide a language certificate for admission to Turkish universities

Provide an incentive letter to study in Turkey

Receipt of payment of the registration fee at the desired university in Turkey

Bank statement showing the financial ability of the candidate to continue his / her studies in Turkish universities at the time of study

Studied medicine and dentistry in Turkey

Admission requirements in medicine and dentistry in Turkey

Have at least a diploma or study in the last year of high school

Have a passing score on the YOS test or the SAT test

Have a passing score in the TOMER exam (if the course is in Turkish)

Have a passing score on the IELTS or TOEFL English language test (if the course is in English)

Continuing to study medicine in Turkish universities

Turkey is one of the best destinations to study medicine. It has adapted its education system to Europe since 2001. As a result, degrees obtained from Turkish universities in Europe are also valid. Low accompanying costs and high quality education are the reasons for the high demand for studying in Turkey. It is not bad to know that according to the statistics announced by the Turkish Ministry of Science in 2020, there are about 65,000 foreign students studying in Turkey. Medical applicants must first complete a one-year college course in Turkey to prepare for the Turkish medical entrance exam. Studying in private universities in Turkey may be without exams, but high-ranking universities must have entrance exams. The language of instruction is English and Turkish. The duration of studying medicine in Turkey is 6 years. We have dealt with this issue in detail in the article Medical Education in Turkey.

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